The Canadian Institute of Stress (CIS), founded in 1979 by Drs. Hans Selye and Richard Earle, offers programs, consultation and tools for workplaces and individuals, as well as certification training and distance education for professionals.

The Hans Selye Foundation (HSF) was created in 1976 by Drs. Pauling, Salk, Toffler and international colleagues, notably Arthur Antille, in recognition of Dr. Selye's role as "the father of the stress field". HSF focuses on research & development, clinical and preventive applications as well as international academic, clinical and research partnerships.

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2013 E-Learning for Employees...
Stress & Mental Health in Workplace Change

Web-Based Distance Education Training for...
Certified Stress & Wellness Consultants

The Vital Corporation
  Online Diagnostics Plus Proven Tools
To Manage Employee Engagement, Stress and Satisfaction

Change Facilitator's Toolkit
  Certification in proven toolkit of diagnostic and e-learning tools to Make Change Successful, not Stressful

Web-based & In-Residence Training for...
Vital Corporation Consultants

2013 Affiliated Selye Centers...
Network of Global Affiliates

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